I have been practicing Yoga for the last 15 years and and received my teachers certification in 2012.  My love for the practice of Yoga and its deep philosophies have changed my life in a profound and positive way. My deepening experience and personal practice of the eight limbs of yoga have brought profound transformation to my health and mind. I want to share the benefits of this wonderful science to people who are looking for a complete transformation of their mind and body. Yoga leads to wonderful attitudes and experiences. I want to bring this to my students.

I live in the town of Mason ,OH ,a suburb of Cincinnati. I live  with my husband and 2 boys .  I love being home reading ,listening to music and just enjoying the silence. I love meeting my friends and enjoying a stimulating conversation. I enjoy a regular  home practice of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation.  I love to share what I have learnt with my students and fellow yogis.  Whether I teach one student or ten, I bring my best to each class .

My classes bring more attention to the breath, developing strength throughout the body in a focused way and working towards a goal posture in each class.