Are you looking for meditation methods to work with your body , mind, emotions, feelings ? Explore links, articles,audio and video meditations to help you navigate life with more clarity. A regular meditation practice of even 3-5 minutes at the beginning and end of the day can bring peace and clarity to your actions and relationships. Life , even with all its difficult challenges is meant to be lived with a sense of freedom and fearlessness. A meditation practice will open our minds to see our true nature free from all conditions, circumstances and fear. 

Learn to Meditate: Foundational Practices

The following practices and much more are available for you to explore on your own at
The three practices presented here form the foundation of meditation practice as taught within Dharma Ocean. We recommend that you begin by following along with these guided meditations, trying each of them one-by-one. Then, after you have a good feel for these foundational practices, you can begin to put the pieces together in our instructions for a daily practice session.